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1975 Cedric Peter Boehr

Posted on 06 July 2011 by admin

1975 Cedric Peter Boehr was born to John and Jeanne Boehr of Omaha, NE. In 1977 he married Sandi Kenner, beginning over 34 years of a passionate, devoted marriage partnership. They moved to Colorado Springs in August, 2007 and began Military Family Ministries; he was finishing doctoral studies in marriage and family therapy and planned to open a family counseling center. Following their marriage verse, “That with one voice we may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,” they toiled and lived together as partners and lovers in music, politics, and ministry. He was known as “Papa’ to his eight adoring grandchildren. He was the closest and dearest friend to his son, Isaac. Heidi remembers him full of Godly wisdom and steadfast perseverance, always reliable and ready to help. Evie remembers him as loving his wife and kids without fail and having a great sense of humor, laugh, smile and tenor voice. His love for the Lord was apparent to everyone who knew him. Cedric joined his father at Jesus’ side on June 8. Memorials: Military Family Ministries, c/o Community Mediation Project, POB 37634, Greeley, CO 80633.

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  1. C.T. Lloyd Spear Says:

    We often recall the great music at Silver State Camp and Maranatha Camp during the weeks we ministered together. The arrangement (Jimmy Owens?) of No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus is still a favorite. Looking forward to Heaven! -Lloyd & Sharen Spear

  2. Sandi Boehr Says:

    Well, it’s so nice to hear from you, Spears! I do remember ministering with you! Thanks for sharing that about the arrangement of that song. That is true: No one ever cared for me like Jesus! Without the knowledge of the Truth that God is Sovereign and that He holds His own totally secure in His faithful Love and care for all of eternity, I would be without hope. But, I do have Hope because of His perfect character and His perfect care for His own! Nothing can separate us from His love – not even death! …I can trust Him! — But, I need prayer because it is a very tough road. On this side of heaven, it makes no sense! Our oneness in absolutely everything was the sweetest – in marriage, family, purpose and ministry. Pray that I will keep clinging to the Rock! – In Christ alone our Hope is found~Sandi

  3. Sandi Boehr Says:

    Cedric’s Eulogy-Written by his wife, Sandi the eve before his memorial service

    I never planned to say goodbye to Cedric this side of heaven. He was my very best lover, and very, very best friend! We were truly one in heart and purpose. I had just returned the night before from California where I visited family. We had a sweet and happy and silly love- filled reunion with breakfast at IHOP, and then we returned home and two-stepped to “Your Man” by Josh Turner before going to bed that evening. Cedric had orchids waiting on the table for me with a note, “Welcome Home, my Love.” On the next morning which was just this last Wednesday, we did what we always did these last few years and that is, Cedric made coffee for us. After handing me two or three cups and helping me get the early morning fog out, we would read a passage from the Bible; then we prayed for each of our children and grandchildren. Cedric then departed for work, and that was the last time I saw him. That afternoon Cedric was killed in a horrific accident just 4 miles from home and from my arms which were waiting to embrace him. An erratically driven pickup truck ran into him and side-swiped him on his motorcycle. He attempted to avoid the accident, and according to the state patrolman, he almost did. However, the accident happened, and because of his severely injured and broken body, he went to heaven to be with his Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, whom He loved so dearly.

    Cedric Peter Boehr’s journey of life began on June 25, 1957 to John and Jeanne Boehr. His childhood years were spent in Omaha, NE. Because his parents desired a Christian education for him, they sent him to Nebraska Christian in Central City, NE and Berean Academy in Elbing, KS. While at Berean his life was deeply enriched by working on farms in the Emmaus Church community; he lived and worked and worshiped with them and and they became as family.

    After graduating from high school, Cedric attended Grace University in the General Bible program in Omaha. There he met Sandi, and they were chosen to be part of the school’s scholarship musical teams that traveled, gave concerts, and represented the school in churches and camps. Cedric was the tenor vocalist with the quartet, and Sandi was the alto. This was God’s hand and plan, and admittedly, it was quite convenient for their budding relationship because they more than delighted in each other’s company!! They had a friendship from the beginning that was filled with a love for the outdoors, music, and serving the Lord together. Soon they were engaged and on March 26, 1977 they were married.

    Early in their marriage they lived in Whitewater, KS where Cedric attended college in residential building trades. From there he and Sandi lived in Minnesota where he worked on his father and mother in law’s cattle ranch. Following that, they desired to work in a short term ministry with Children’s Bible Mission at Camp Victory in Hacoda, AL. Cedric was the worship leader and horse wrangler for the camp. It was while they were serving the Lord at the camp that they were delighted with God sending a beautiful daughter into their home with the birth of Heidi Michelle.

    Not believing that God was calling them to full time ministry with the camp at that time, Cedric and Sandi purchased a small ranch in north central Nebraska. It was here that God blessed them with a second beautiful daughter, welcoming Evie Nicole into their family. They lived in Lynch several years and especially enjoyed an abundance of music ministry opportunities as well as hosting Bible studies for other couples in their home. Additionally, they experienced a tornado that hit their home and did extensive damage shortly before bringing Evie home; local churches came and cared for them in their time of need. Due to the fact that Cedric had severe asthma brought on by the area’s allergens, he and Sandi needed to move and make some lifestyle changes. They prayed and asked God what to do and He led them to sell the ranch and move to the Rocky Mountains where it would be better for his lungs.

    Initially, Cedric was employed as a “ranch-hand/outfitter” in Saratoga, Wyoming. Here God sent another blessing to their family with the birth of their third child, a handsome son, Isaac Logan. About a year after being in Wyoming, Cedric began to study for a music education degree at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. Never one who was shy of hard work, Cedric provided for his young family working two mail delivery contracts, and going to school full-time. He also used his residential building skills in beginning to renovate and restore older homes; he and Sandi had their own home plus five rental properties within a four year time period. God provided for their family both financially and spiritually. — While in Laramie Cedric was willing to open his home and give the sacrifice of time to serve as a foster parent along with Sandi. Together, they opened their home to unwed mothers and to children who needed short term emergency care. —- It was in Laramie that Cedric and Sandi became involved in Crisis Pregnancy Center ministry and also in leadership to restore the right to life to all from conception to natural death. They worked in tandem to effect legislation that would restore this God-given right to the young and helpless pre-born child.

    It was also in Laramie that they joined others in being true pioneers in homeschooling their own children. In order to make this decision, they prayed together to search for God’s leading, studied the options available, and made the decision to home school. They believed that they could best educate and best carry out the God-given mandate to teach their children to love and serve God by schooling at home. Thus, they began the joyful journey of teaching and learning alongside their children as they pursued a pilgrimage of providing for the spiritual, intellectual, and physical education of their young family.

    When Cedric was about a semester short of finishing his four year degree at the University of Wyoming, he was encouraged by his vocal instructor to apply for a job from the Navy for full-time musicians. He auditioned and was hired as a tenor vocalist with the United States Navy Band Sea Chanters, a presidential support unit based in Washington, D.C. So, at the age of 30, he submitted himself to Navy Boot camp and he moved his family to northern Virginia. He performed for presidents and a variety of notable national leaders during his time in the Navy. However, you would not have known that he did so because Cedric exercised a very humble spirit in regard to his God- given musical gifts and talents.

    One of the most memorable and wonderful experiences for Cedric and his family while in northern Virginia was when he and Sandi decided to build their own home from the ground up. Cedric did the building with Sandi’s help along with their children – all of the work done while either on leave or weekends; they lived in a camper for three months, then in the basement of the home for three months, and after that, they moved into the rest of the two story home with a beautiful wrap around porch that sat on five acres!

    It is worth interjecting that it would be a mistake to indicate that Cedric’s life was all work! He absolutely loved the outdoors, and he loved spending time with his family. He led them in going tent camping, singing around the campfire with his guitar, swimming, crabbing, target shooting, hiking, and going to swim meets or special events for the children. — A camping tradition for the family was to make bacon and pancakes over the campfire; however, one time the eating utensils were forgotten! Cedric just took out his knife and whittled some wooden forks, and in the process created fun memories!

    After four years in the Navy, Cedric moved his family back to live and work in Kansas. Initially, he taught music at Berean Academy to K-12; then, he finished his degree at Newman University majoring in music education with a minor in psychology. During this time he began his own contracting business in the Whitewater and Wichita area. He worked as a contractor in Kansas for over fifteen years. One of Cedric’s special joys was in taking his son Isaac with him to work from the time he was just 8 or 9 years old. He taught Isaac the skills to build upon as a craftsman. The girls also joined him many times in helping out with building projects, and the whole family usually enjoyed these undertakings! Although, roofing was not a favorite for anyone!

    It was in Kansas that Cedric and Sandi finished rearing their three children and launched them from the nest. Part of the training of the children was enjoining them in ministry and politics; Cedric made the sacrifice of time to run for Kansas state representative in 1994, and the whole family worked together with him. He ran on a campaign slogan of “Principles, not Politics.” Cedric unseated the incumbent and won the primary race with about 100 votes, but he then lost the general election to the woman he had just beat in the primary when she ran a write-in campaign against him. It proved to be quite a difficult and brutal race regarding key issues of life, education and taxation. Cedric’s particular race was notably historic and was featured in the Kansas history magazine. Even though it was a grueling race, when it was all said and done, Cedric was glad for the opportunity to lead others. He had encouraged them to make the sacrifice, no
    matter what the cost, to stand for God’s truth in the realm of public policy. —- Another part of training the children was in ministry, and Cedric and Sandi worked together in encouraging the family in pro-life ministry, caring for the children of prison inmates, and in inner city ministry. —– In the latter years of high school, Cedric took the time to lead a homeschool choir in the Wichita area giving his children as well as others the opportunity to develop their musical abilities. Cedric led in and taught his family an appreciation for the Truth of the Bible and its authenticity, and he actively participated in his children’s education. —- And, as his children began to leave the nest, and grow into young adults, he was a source of godly wisdom and a listening ear.

    In the year 2000, Cedric and Sandi built their second home from the ground up, but this time their nest was fairly empty! However, Evie helped in between her college sessions, and Heidi assisted when home visiting. Isaac worked extensively on its construction especially after Cedric experienced a construction accident falling about twenty-one feet to the ground breaking both bones in his lower leg. It was at this home that many, many happy family times were enjoyed with his daughter, Heidi and her husband, Rudy and their young family, Evie, and Isaac and his wife, Meg. Target shooting with the family on holidays was a favorite! And, Cedric loved spending time with the grandchildren at this home and acreage whether it was singing around the table with the guitar or playing hide and seek or just taking a walk in the field. He and Sandi found a new common interest of gardening, and together they planted hundreds of trees on their acreage. —- During these years in Kansas, Cedric worked hard in providing through the construction business, but he was also willing to faithfully sacrifice his own comfort to put the time into working on building the most important relationships with his wife and family.

    Because of some lean financial times in the construction business, Cedric and Sandi believed that God was leading them to sell their Kansas home and acreage and relocate. They moved to Colorado Springs in August of 2007. Cedric planned to pursue teaching choral music in a local high school, but there were no jobs in that field. He discovered a job opening with the Department of Corrections with a position of GED instructor giving inmates the opportunity to learn while incarcerated. In this unique setting, he has flourished as a teacher because he was a man that lived out his faith in God through his kindness, patience, godly wisdom and insight.

    After moving to the ‘Springs, through God’s leading, Cedric and his wife established a unique ministry to military families. With the clear leading and blessing of the Lord, and a sincere passion and heart for military marriages, Cedric and Sandi founded “Military Family Ministries” almost three years ago. “MFM” was specifically designed to offer biblical counsel and hope through encouraging and equipping military couples and families in the Word of God through mentoring couple to couple, man to man, woman to woman, and additionally through small group marriage and family Bible studies.

    Seeing the opportunity for the Gospel at the very core of biblical counseling, and seeing the need for “credentials” within this field, Cedric made the sacrifice and went back to school receiving his Masters in Psychology in December 2010. And, he was presently in active pursuit of his doctorate in order to receive the necessary credentials for marriage and family counseling. He encouraged Sandi to get her bachelor’s degree in counseling. They planned to work and practice together as one in biblical family counseling. Within “Military Family Ministry” the doors for the Gospel and the opportunities to mentor and encourage couples in their marriages were wide open! Cedric and Sandi saw God bless this ministry in a huge way, and they absolutely LOVED the ministry that He had led them into!

    Although Cedric flourished as an instructor within the prison system, and even though he and Sandi’s military ministry was burgeoning, Cedric’s priorities were set and firm! He loved God and His Word first, and his wife and family secondly. After moving to Colorado Springs, he and Sandi added son in law, Andy, Evie’s husband, and they added several grandchildren. Number eight grandchild is expected in August! He loved his children’s spouses as sons and daughter. There was absolutely NOTHING that Cedric relished more than spending time with his family. He did this through taking time and money to be with his adult children and spouses assisting them in moving, renovating, godly wisdom when asked for it, and by gracing their lives with his humor! With his grandchildren, he took time to get on the floor and play with them, he played his guitar and taught them to praise and worship God, he laughed with them, and he delighted in them at every stage. Most of all, he was an example to his family of a man who understood that God is forever faithful to His children.


    Cedric and I have had a rich and beautiful marriage designed with God’s tapestry of both joys and trials weaving a oneness that was absolutely the sweetest thing I’ve ever known on this earth! I feel like my heart has been ripped and torn from my body because Cedric and I were truly one, and now he is no longer here. I don’t understand why he died now, but I know I can trust in God’s unfailing and perfect love. And, I know, without any doubt, that Cedric would not want me or our children or spouses or grandchildren to be bitter towards Him. On behalf of our family, we ask for your prayers to continue to pursue loving the Lord, trusting in His faithfulness, and loving each other as He has called us to.
    Thank you. ~ Sandi

  4. Jim Isaac Says:

    Sandi: Such a loss. I haven’t seen either of you since Grace days but I can imagine the good life you’ve had together. I first met Cedric when he was on a bike trip. He was always so upbeat, positive and well mannered. I can’t imagile life without my wife at our age. It must be so hard. You and your family will be in our prayers.
    In Christ ALways

    Jim Isaac

  5. Patti Busenitz Says:

    What a beautiful life! With God at the center of your marriage, you and Cedric almost had Heaven on earth. I loved reading your biography of your years together. You were so close! And now you must be so very lonely! I think my love for Herbert continues to grow stronger as I wait to join him up there. Remember, our husbands are waiting for us!

  6. C.T. Lloyd Spear Says:

    Sandi: Thank you for sharing the details of God’s leading in your life together. We are thrilled to know of how varied and extensive was the influence of Cedric’s life. We are praying for continued peace of heart and comfort of the Spirit in each of your lives. Keep riding high (Dt. 32:13), Lloyd & Sharen

  7. Denis Johnson Says:

    Hi Sandi,

    I’m not sure why I came on this site tonight. We were at Grace in 1975 and 1976. We spent some good times together. I remember when you guys got together and we double-date a couple of times. Cedric was such a great friend and good brother. I am truly sorry for your loss and pray that you do keep clinging to the rock.


  8. Jolene Seaman Depew Says:

    Thank you for so generously sharing how God led and blessed Cedric. I met him shortly after his 10th birthday and taught him piano lessons the year I attended Grace. It’s a blessing to hear how God can use a person whose heart seeks after Him. And that great reunion in glory just keeps sounding better and better. Sometimes it almost seems I can hear that choir of the redeemed! May our Savior bless you with His comfort and strength, and keep His song resounding in your heart.

    Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of Cedric’s family ‘over there’


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