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Dr. Jim Eckman has announced his intent to retire

Posted on 06 July 2011 by admin

Dr. Jim Eckman has announced his intent to retire as President of Grace University, effective 30 June 2012.  The Board of Trustees has formed a search committee, chaired by Trustee Curt Hofer, to find God’s man to replace Dr. Eckman, after what will be 15 years as president.  Dr. Eckman is the longest serving president in the history of Grace University.  To help the Board during the search process, they have hired a search consultant.  The Board has a well-developed  timeline of succession and will seek the prayers of Grace University’s stakeholders throughout the process.  The Board’s goal is to begin reviewing potential candidates in late 2011 and begin the formal interview process in 2012, with the goal of announcing a new president in March 2012.  Please be in prayer about this process, specifically that God will guide and superintend each step, so that His choice for the presidency will become clear.  The Board is committed to keeping the friends and constituents of Grace University informed with timely updates during the search process.

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  1. Ralph Stone Says:

    Jim is going to sorely missed. He was an outstanding teacher and friend.

  2. Dan Hovanec Says:

    Sad day to see you leave Dr. Eckman – I’ll always remember being in your classes and how you stimulated me to think more clearly and carefully re; Biblical issues. Those where wonderful days and I thank you immensely for your willingness to teach others and your deep desire to walk in the ways of God. Annie also fondly remembers years ago being in your class on Galatians and how helpful that course was for her. May God go with you in all your future work for the King of all Kings.
    Your friend – Dan Hovanec

  3. Stuart Thiessen Says:

    Thank you for your many years of serving Grace. While all my classes at Grace were helpful and vital for my work, I often find comments and remarks you made coming to mind as I study various scripture passages. Your encouragements to us to think biblically is something I continue to use and pass to others.

    Oh, and yes, the Council of Chalcedon was in 451. 🙂 Whew!

  4. Laura de Klein Says:

    It will be sad to see dr. Eckman leave, While being at Grace he was one of the most influential teachers I met. Even after this many years the things he has tought me help me in my day to day struggles. So, thank you very much dr. Eckaman.
    Laura de Klein

  5. Dallas Walker Says:

    Tremendous teacher, coach, and mentor. I still remember your blue books on winter mornings. With the help of cough drops, your scratchy voice singing, “O Sacred Head, Now Wounded”; as you worked to finish your doctorate. These were the early years.

    As President, your untiring dedication, commitment, and selfless service brought together the entire Grace family, which has enabled the university to enjoy its current success. Truly, a mark of servant leadership and proud legacy.

    “You Will Be Missed!”

  6. Casey Cheney Says:

    Thank you for your years of service Dr. Eckman. I appreciate it.

  7. Chyenne (Jerrett) Harris Says:

    You will be missed tremendously!! It was always a great pleasure to have a class with you, as I knew I would be challenged on a daily basis. Thank you for all the wisdom you bestowed on me, the knowledge you guided me to, and for just being a great, Godly person to look up to. I will always remember your enthusiasm for Reformation Day. 🙂
    You will always be held in high esteem. Enjoy retirement!!
    God Bless!

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