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How One Grad Gives Back

Posted on 29 June 2017 by editor

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Dear Dr. John Holmes,

I recently received a support letter from Grace University and have found myself in a place of limited ability to give financially. Despite that, I do believe our Father still wants me to give. Our stories are not our own and because of that I believe the unique testimony I have is meant to be given back. I pray blessings in your endeavors at a new location. I pray with this new start, your success with be 10-fold of what it was before. For what the Holy Spirit does in the formative years of your students, I believe is changing the world.

Grace University holds a special place in my heart and in my life for several reasons. As a 7th grader in Junior High, I had the opportunity to attend a very dynamic youth group in my hometown—one that I have not seen duplicated since.  During those three to four years that I was there, the youth group saw more attendance and more lives turned to Jesus than any time before or any time after. The sense of fun and community that we had was very attractive. There was a love for Jesus that I had never seen played out in the lives of young people my age.  The freedom and joy that fellow youth and that the pastors lived out was something I wanted for myself, so I gave my life to Jesus during that time.

The pastors that led my hometown youth group were Ty Thomas ’95 and Rick Roh who was involved on the GU campus. My older sister and I could not help but be drawn to this school as the heart of Jesus in us grew and grew. The dorm life at Grace University was a refreshing continuation of our walk with Jesus as we were surrounded by people with the same heart and with the same vision. The friendships that we made during that time are still there 10 years later. Even though my program was a cooperative program, I chose to live at the dormitories because I could find no other deep community as I had found at Grace.

One of my favorite things throughout the day of attending classes was Chapel. Amidst responsibilities of papers and schoolwork, chapel was a refreshing daily realignment of the vision God had in my life. In Chapel we worshipped, we heard from missionaries other speakers, and professors of their hearts for the Lord.

I enjoyed my time in the Bible classes. Ten years later I still have the notes from several of my classes and refer back to them often. Those professors laid a foundation in my life for applying and understanding scripture. It’s something I have a lot of gratitude for as I encounter a world of different kinds of believers, different kinds of worship, and different kinds of faith. Grace University was my firm foundation. There is a sense of security that I have gained from combing through the Old Testament and the New Testament with these wonderful professors. I know that my God is faithful, I know that he God will never leave me, and I know that in good times and in bad times my God has a plan and a purpose for every step. He is the only one that can turn around anything that you are or that you’ve done or been through and turn it to the Good and the Glory of His Name.

Today, 10 years later, I share the love of Jesus with my patients that I care for in the hospital, and my 2 children and husband at home. My husband, Chad Johnson ‘10, who is also a Grace alumnus, and I have a heart for missions and are open to what God has in store for the future. That heart for the nations was planted at Grace U., and the yield, unfathomable.

Tammy (Holm) Johnson ‘07

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