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Amanda Benson ’09 – Serving in the Philippines

Posted on 06 July 2017 by editor

Two years ago, I left my job, family, and life in the U.S. and moved to the Philippines to teach at Faith Academy in Manila.  Though this ministry has not been without its trials, I have absolutely loved being here.  I have had a desire to be a missionary teacher since I learned that such a position existed when I was in high school.  While I was at GU, I ended up student teaching at Faith Academy, and I had the desire to return ever since.  I spent 5 1/2 years teaching on a Native American Reservation in South Dakota before God opened the door for me to return here to teach full time.
Faith Academy’s main goal is to educate the children of missionaries.  However, in recent years, the number of missionaries in the Philippines has decreased, so our missionary kid population has also decreased. At the same time, we are seeing an increase of Filipino students whose parents are in business or ministry.  Many, if not most, of these students come from Christian families.  I enjoy getting to understand more of Filipino culture with the increased Filipino population.  With the continued focus on educating missionary children, as a staff member at Faith Academy I am a part of the Great Commission work all around SE Asia through the work of my students’ parents, as well as through raising up the next generation of the Church.
My main ministry in the Philippines is to disciple students as I teach them.  I teach 6th, 7th and 8th graders in the middle school division, though what I have taught has changed each year.  This past year I taught 8th grade English, 7th grade math, and 6th grade math. I love teaching at a Christian school where I can open my class with a prayer, song or devotional. And I can relate what I am teaching to walking with God, and I can hold Bible studies with my students.  This last year I was able to have a Bible study with some of my 7th grade girls every week.  God grew them and challenged them throughout this Bible study, and I loved watching them grow as we studied Scripture and prayed for each other.
As a Christian and as a teacher, it is absolutely incredible to watch God work in the lives of my students.  My middle schoolers are at that age where they are really starting to discover what their own relationship with God looks like.  One assignment I had my 8th grade English class do was to write a narrative of at least ten ways God has worked in their lives up until this point.  I loved hearing their stories and seeing how God had formed them to be the student that sat in my class every day.  I know God has great plans for these students, and I am so thankful that He has allowed me to be a part of His work here.
Amanda Benson

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