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Dr. James P. Eckman

A Covenant People: Israel from Abraham to the Present

The twentieth century witnessed harsh anti-Semitism, vicious pogroms, and the unimaginable Holocaust. Over a third of the world’s Jews were killed. Yet, today the largest concentration of Jews resides in Israel—a modern miracle. Theologian and historian Dr. Jim Eckman presents a riveting history of God’s covenant people from the initial promises God made to Abraham to the establishment of the modern state of Israel in 1948.

Through enslavement in ancient Egypt, the conquest under Joshua, the establishment of the monarchy under David, the brutal exiles under Assyria and Babylon to the tragedies of Diaspora Judaism, the Jewish people have survived. For almost 1,900 years, the Jews were dispersed and despised as “Christ-killers.” But, by the late ninteenth century, there was evidence of a change in the world’s perception of the Jews. How and why did they begin their historic trek back to their ancient homeland?

Eckman identifies ten major historical events that reawakened the West to the necessity of a homeland for the Jewish people. As he weaves history together with the theological portrait of our covenant-making, covenant-keeping God, Eckman provides an indispensable handbook for understanding today’s Middle East and the importance of the Jewish people to God’s eternal plan for this planet.


Alva Goossen, ’59

Who Is God: An Inductive Study of the Identity of God

Are you confused about the many religions in the world? Who, among all the proclaimed deities in the world, really is the true God?

In this insightful and enlightening book, Dr. Alva F. Goossen brings his theological expertise to bear on this topic, examining whether there is evidence for one true God, and whether there is a definite word we can rely on to answer that question.

Drawing on academic experience as well as his calling to counsel people to receive Christ as their personal Savior, Dr. Goossen makes an eloquent case for every person’s ability to know, with confidence, the identity of the true God.


Marvin Penner, ’61

The Manifold Grace of God: As it relates to various Bible doctrines : Illustrated by the parable of the prodigal son

Here is a book that will answer many of your questions about the grace of God. Based on the parable of the Prodigal Son, the writer weaves a sound argument to support the Biblical position. If you have ever had any question about God’s Grace, this is the book for you.




Arlie Rauch, ’69

Mercy for Me

A ruptured brain aneurysm plunged this couple into the strangest period of their lives. Arlie Rauch, husband of the patient and pastor at Community Bible Church in Glendive, Montana, tells the true story of their excruciating experience. This drama is a tribute to the inexhaustible love and goodness of God, poured out upon two people from sparsely populated eastern Montana.

The author has writing experience including Sunday school lesson plans for a publishing company, articles for newspapers and magazines, travelogues, and papers on spiritual and moral issues. He has also preached to audiences for almost forty years.

But his most important qualification for this book is that he was a major participant in the story—he observed it all. He lives in Glendive, Montana. His family includes his wife, four married children, and eight grandchildren, living in three different states and one foreign country. He has served as pastor of four churches, the present one since 1990.

As an avocation, he has been actively tuning, repairing, and rebuilding pianos since 1977. Other interests include motorcycling, gardening, chess, and travel. For twenty years, he was involved with turbocharged motorcycles and even served for a number of years as the membership director for the Turbo Motorcycle International Owners Association.

His bachelor of sacred music is from Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska. He also earned a master of music degree from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and studied two years at Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana.

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Lori Schulz, ’11

Papa’s Plan for Buddy Bee

This summary is from Nebraska Life Magazine, July/August 2012 issue page 94
“Buddy Bee is unsure of himself and is particularly conscious of his crooked stinger.  But after his loving father teaches him to fly by reading from a special book, Buddy explores the world in the garden surrounding his hive.  He learns that despite his imperfections, he has gifts he can use to help those in need around him, and that his Papa has a plan for him.”

David B. Virts, ‘75

Knowing, Seeking, Worshiping

For years, people have wanted to know about our mysterious God. We want to understand who He is, what He is like, and more. And guess what? God has revealed Himself in His Word! We can learn more about Him if we look closely enough.
In Knowing, Seeking, Worshiping, readers will take a journey through the Bible with author David B. Virts, looking at the many word descriptions God gave man. Man can learn much about God from nature, but what we can discover there cannot compare to what can be discovered by a close study of God’s Word, where He has left us incredible word-pictures of Himself. Through His Word, we can get to know the very character of God. And in this book, readers will delve into the word-pictures to gain understanding of each character quality and begin to see and seek God like never before. With this knowledge, your relationship with God will grow deeper, and you’ll worship God with new zeal. Soon you’ll understand our true purposeto forever reflect God’s mercy, love, and forgiveness.

Jill Hart

So You Want to Be a Work-at-Home Mom

Jill Hart is the founder of Christian Work at Home and a contributing author in “Laundry Tales”, “The Business Mom Guide Book” and others.  “So You Want to Be a Work-at-Home Mom” details all the basics of starting a business in a spiritual, motivational and comprehensive manner.  From deciding what type of business to start, to keeping your family and faith first, this helpful tool details every aspect of establishing a business.  It is an inspirational approach that will provide you with the needed resources to start your own home based business.

Patty Nun

The Bathsheba Legacy – Royalty to Redemption

A study for women toward emotional healing. Over 20 years ago the author was sexually assaulted, and the attacker, though caught, disappeared and never showed up for the hearing. On a mission trip to Mexico in 2001, Patty told the story to her peers, expressing her anger and prejudice. After they prayed with her and for her, she began the process of emotional healing. Putting this study together reminded the author that it is God who got into her wounded heart and gave her peace. Patty graduated from Grace with a Masters in Counseling.

C.T.L. Spear

Still a Kid!

Youth is yours only once, but immaturity can last a lifetime and steal your best opportunities! In Still a Kid! you will meet Jether, a Bible character more obscure than Jabez. Twenty-one words enshrine his legacy – a lad who missed fame and fortune by clinging to immaturity and indecision. Kids of all ages see the pitfalls that circumvent success in Jether’s tragic tale. An excellent gift for the graduate, audio and e-book are included.

Don Regier

The Long Ride

One side of this flip-book introduces two orphaned Chinese girls and the other tells the story of a family searching for two girls to adopt. In the middle the two stories unite the two groups from opposite sides of the world become one special family. Don Regier is a published author of children’s books who is a 1964 graduate of Grace University.

Judy A. Andres

The Valley of the Shadow of Death

The Valley of the Shadow of Death recounts a mother’s perilous journey through the grief-stricken valley of the shadow of death. She was no stranger to death. Her mother had died when she was 7. But when death suddenly, and without warning, takes her 18-year-old daughter in an automobile accident, how does she go on? Follow her journey through the valley of the shadow of death…to a brighter tomorrow.

Dr. Harold J. Berry

What They Believe

Have you ever wondered what some religious groups believe, but were unable to find answers that you could rely on? Dr. Harold J. Berry has done extensive research on 15 different religious groups and compares their true beliefs to biblical truth.

Dr. Gregory C. Carlson

Rock-Solid Teacher

Learn to teach from the world’s greatest “master educator,” Jesus Christ! Whether you’re a youth leader, Sunday school teacher, or conscientious parent, you’ll benefit from Carlson’s guide and gain new confidence based on his biblical model. Discover timeless principles for relating to your students, planning curriculum, incorporating God’s Word into lessons, self-evaluation, mentoring others, and more.

Dr. James P. Eckman

Biblical Ethics

James Eckman argues that, historically, Christians who hold to a set of ethical absolutes have related to their culture in one of three ways: separation, accommodation, or transformation. This book explores a synthesis of all three, viewed through the lens of Scripture, to formulate a strategy for engaging cultural issues today. Eckman examines critical ethical issues such as abortion, euthanasia, bioethics, human sexuality, politics, war, capital punishment, work, race, the arts, and the environment. He shapes an ethical response to each issue.

Ruth Moline Eddy

Arctic Challenge

ARCTIC CHALLENGE is rich in information about northern Alaska and is also the story of a young and generous family that learns, over a period of four years, to carry out its mission in a profoundly different culture and unforgiving climate. With its focus on the practicalities of life in remote Kotzebue, the book lulls us into a false sense of detachment from the outside world and its concerns, until an incident reminds us that we are in the middle of the Cold War and that the Soviet Union lies only a short distance across the Bering Strait.

Colonel Vernon P. Harms

Kick the Tires and Light the Fires

Flying spiritually blind in his early years, pilot Vernon Harms is thankful for his “D-Day,” when he discovered he needed to put his faith in God. Through life’s emergencies, in storms, uncertainties, and in calm skies, he now knows the author of the best flight manual-the Bible. It clearly tells him how to navigate the right course. Join Vernon and find your bearings with the Scriptures and truths contained in his book.

Ruth Richert Jones

A Rose Is a Rose

A Christian romance novel of a young girl named Kelly who isn’t looking for God but finds herself in the middle of two relationships, a robbery, and the possibility of losing all of the good things she has created for herself. Where can she turn for help when she doesn’t know whom she can trust? Does God really care about what happens to her?

Bertha Kliewer & Maria Dahlenburg

Called, Committed, Completed: The Story of the “Zushi Girls”

The personal accounts of two single women devoted in their ministry in Japan and the struggle with the desires of their young hearts, love, and families. A story of true devotion to God, and His blessings to those who follow Him with their whole hearts.

Peter Boldt

Out of the Jungle

This unique story is filled with delightful tales of growing up in a tropical Mennonite colony. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll gasp in horror as you follow Peter through his adventures in the Paraguayan Chaco. You’ll wonder how he survived being run over by a horse, nearly drowning, being lost in the wilderness at night, and many other memorable incidents.

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