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Alumni Blend Ministries and Lives

Alumni Blend Ministries and Lives

Posted on 26 February 2016 by editor

Chris Schriver ‘14 and Jennifer Cooper Schriver ‘14 have been busy blending their ministries and lives as they follow God’s call together.

by Jennifer

Since graduating and getting married, we’ve been busy blending our lives and ministries together. Chris loves music ministry and serves in local churches and does Bible study. He manages the stage for Great Adventure Ministry (GAMe) and caters to the churches, worship nights and artists that the ministry teams with. He even tackled teaching me ukelele and gave a large portion of the year helping a church in Bellevue get a worship team together. Though music ministry is his passion and takes a large part of the time, he works a driver for Fed-Ex to make ends meet. He puts in countless unseen hours for so many people and I adore him. Whether it’s answering phones, cleaning behind the scenes, hanging lights or driving people places, he is always serving.  


I have been part of GAMe Ministry since 2012. I helped open their outreach coffee shop in August 2014. I still am employed there full time. This job involves much more than just being a barista. It involves helping manage finances of GAMe and introducing the public to our Bible Study, maintaining relationships with people in the ministry, and stepping in and leading in Bible study as needed. I wish that list was all, but it encompasses so much more than I can think of the including bringing Christian bands in to play for the Old Market crowd. Chris has become involved in GAMe other ways as well and plays bass and sings for them each week. He has even been trained to whip up a latte. Please be looking to support us as we hope to expand and partner with Rescue Nebraska, an anti-trafficking ministry.

Last summer we went to Haven on the Rock in Wyoming. This is my second year being the guest speaker and Chris’s second year leading worship. Three kids made the decision to get baptized. Others shared at campfire how they had learned to speak and listen to God. Chris got to take  song request from kids that were going home to the recent loss of parents and homelessness. We got to experience God take campers from at least two fights a day to them all holding each other and never wanting to leave in five days. We got back home in time to sleep for five hours before we had to get up and go to church. 

I have opened a new chapter with Youth for Christ. I helped with a camp for them this summer as well and am a female leader in Millard North Middle School for campus life on Thursdays. It’s a lot of earning trust, and a lot of getting your hands dirty as a lot of hurt is happening in young hearts. We are still learning what expanding our work in this area will look like. I also still lead an occasional weekend for Urban Plunge.

It’s been busy and we are still praying for a few days to catch up on everything outside of ministry that needs to be done. I have no idea how my parents seem to be on top of all of the bills, cleaning and maintenance. Practice makes perfect we guess. We are still looking to give our time to youth ministry and music ministry more permanently. We have been reveling in how messy the work of Jesus is. We are quite happy to be each other’s mess and our Lord’s mess. 

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