C. J. Snodgrass on spiritual war

C. J. Snodgrass, SBA President at Grace University, gives a reminder of the spiritual war in the world and encouragement to stand strong in the power of the Lord.

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Terry Johnson on servant leadership

Terry Johnson, Director of Servant Leadership Training, shares and illustrates the nature of servant leadership at Grace University.

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Tara Rye on following Jesus in prayer

Dr. Tara Rye, Dean of Women at Grace University, shared from Jesus’ life times and purposes of prayer, which is a guide for believers today for why and when to pray.

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Jon McNeel on Divine Appointments

Jon McNeel, Dean of Men and Head Coach for Men’s Soccer at Grace University, illustrated divine appointments in the ministry of Jesus, and in his own life, with the encouragement for everyone to be alert to places we may meet God.

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A call to a successful summer

Dr. Chuck Tschetter, Grace University alumnus and church pastor, offers wise words for making the most of the summer, allowing God to refresh our hearts and minds and spirits through his word and his presence.

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Senior Class, 2014

The Senior Class reflects on their time at Grace University, passing on their accumulated wisdom and insights gained as students.

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Hope in dark times

Nick Kalina, Grace University alumnus, reflects on Psalm 69 and David’s strategy for staying hopeful and faithful in times of darkness and depression.

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Teacher Appreciation

The Grace University Teacher Education Student Association (TESA) took some time to highlight, thank, and yes, appreciate, the faculty at Grace University.

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Grace LIFE Podcast – Dr. David Barnes

Dr. Barnes talks about how people are afraid of growth.

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Grace LIFE Podcast – Nick Kalina

Nick Kalina talked about how there is always hope (Psalm 69).

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