Rabbi Nate Seitelbach (4.21.16)

Rabbi Nate Seitelbach talks about the passover from a Jewish perspective.

Community, Grace LIFE, Podcast

Dan Hauge (4.19.16)

Dan Hauge talks about how if we don’t get perspective, we don’t change (Mark 8, Colossians 3:1-4, Romans 8:5-6, 10-11, Romans 12:1-2, Philippians 1:19-21, Matthew 11:28-30, Luke 10:38-42, Luke 14:25-27).

Faculty, Grace LIFE, Podcast

Ed King (4.14.16)

Ed King, Director of Adult, Youth & Families for The Hope Center, talks about how the problems that youth deal with have changed (John 13:34-35).

Community, Grace LIFE, Podcast

Sophomore Chapel (4.13.16)

Sophomore class talks about having joy in tough situations (Galatians 5, James 1).

Grace LIFE, Podcast, Students

Dr. Jim Eckman (4.12.16)

Dr. Jim Eckman talks about Christians and Government.

Faculty, Grace LIFE, Podcast

Choir Chapel (4.7.16)

The choir talks about their trip to New York.

Grace LIFE, Podcast, Students

Junior Class Chapel – Trevor Larson (4.6.16)

Junior Class – Trevor Larson talks about (Romans 8, Psalm 31).

Grace LIFE, Podcast, Students

Josh Pace, Christy Harmon, Dr. Michelle Lundgren, Dr. Mike Schmidt, Coach Williams (4.5.16)

Josh Pace, Christy Harmon, Dr. Michelle Lundgren, Dr. Mike Schmidt, Coach Williams, Dr. Mark Linder talk about diversity and unity on campus.

Faculty, Grace LIFE, Podcast, Students

Giri Mohanan (3.31.16)

Giri Mohanan talks about what is missions? (Luke 8)

Grace LIFE, Podcast

International Chapel (3.17.16)

Martin Modesto, Stefan Becker, Susanna Fohner, Hosanna Gray, Grace Ropp and Mary Ann Novak talk about the countries where they are from and their cultures

Grace LIFE, Podcast, Students