Lessons on leadership

Andrew Rutten, college pastor for CityLight Church in Omaha, shared lessons on leadership from the life of Moses as encouragement for student servant leaders at Grace University.

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Grace LIFE Podcast – Dr. Jim Eckman

Dr. Eckman talks about the importance of the Resurrection (1 Corinthians 15).

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Grace LIFE Podcast – Sophomore Chapel

Jake Heck, Jesse Paule, C.J. Snodgrass give their testimony and Ali Boyd sings one of her songs.

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Grace LIFE Podcast – Andrew Rutten

Andrew Rutten speaks about three principles of biblical leadership (Numbers 11).

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Grace LIFE Podcast – Junior Chapel

Lance Larson talks about giving to those who can’t give back (Luke 6).

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Charles Wilson on Grace and God’s grace

Charles Wilson, Grace University alumnus and now serving at Omaha Street School, reflects on his own life journey and God’s grace to encourage students to embrace their journey with God.

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Student leaders from Spain to SBA

Grace University has cooperative programs in cities around the world. This semester Kristin Epp is studying in Spain, and Dr. Mike Schmidt was able to chat with her briefly via Skype to talk about her learning and experiences there. Following that, Ryan Pramberg, SBA President, shared lessons learned as a leader on campus.

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Letters to Grace University students

Janelle Applegarth and Jennifer Cooper led an effort to hear words of encouragement and challenge from a few of the faculty at Grace University. Their idea, developed from a Bible study, was to imagine if faculty were to write a letter to the student body in the way the early apostles and leaders wrote letters to groups of disciples in the first century. This was the result.

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Jon Lucas asks “How are you?”

Just before Spring Break, Jon Lucas, a recent graduate of Grace University’s graduate school, asks “How are you?”, in the deepest sense of the condition of your soul, of your relationship with God, noting that God asked “Where are you?” to engage with Adam and Eve after their failure, to draw them back to himself in open, honest communication about where and how they were.

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Steve and Annette Economides on being smart about money

Steve and Annette Economides, authors and speakers on the subject of handling finances well, share some simple concepts for managing money and trusting God to provide, enabling his people to live in peace, joy, and confidence.

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