the Master’s Commission on creativity

Josh Schaberg, Creative Director of Bellevue Master’s Commission, shares some important ideas about the importance of creativity in God’s people, remembering that creativity is not limited to artistic ability, and that creativity is something that all people can contribute. Combining […]

Dr. Joe Harder on running the race

Dr. Joe Harder, Pastor and professor of history and theology at Grace University, shares lessons about running the race, reminding us of some of the main ideas we learn from Jesus’ example in Hebrews 12.1-3

Grace University Freshman Class

The Freshman class share a video montage of their first year on campus, followed by the class president, Josh Pace, sharing encouragement to stay filled with the Spirit of God during this season of pressure.

Dr. Eckman on the resurrection

Dr. Jim Eckman, President Emeritus and Professor of Church History and Ethics, reminds us of the centrality of Jesus’ resurrection to the message of the gospel, and the importance for Christians to understand it well and to live accordingly.