on the difficulties of transformation

Dr. Gary Nebeker, Vice President of Christian Formation and Student Services at Grace University, reflects on the hard work, struggles, and difficulties of Christian transformation.

Christy Harmon on standing firm

Reflecting on the life and experience of Joseph, Student Body Association representative Christy Harmon encourages God’s people to stand firm under the pressures of life as God works through them for his purposes and glory.

Jesse Pauly on the gospel and transformation

Using his own poetry, along with some other examples, Jesse Pauly, Student Body Association Vice President at Grace University, reflects on the message of the gospel and the transformation of life that results when God’s grace through Jesus Christ is […]

Wes Wilmer on the love of Jesus for outsiders

Wes Wilmer, former director of Christian Formation at Grace University and now church planting pastor of Sanctuary Church in Fremont, NE, reflects on the significance of Jesus’ love for sinners, with Matthew the tax collector and his own life as […]

Ron Brown on living as a Christian

Coach Ron Brown, formerly at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and now at Youngstown State University, encourages Christians to recognize the stakes involved in living faithfully to the Lord Jesus and to use the time to be prepared for what […]