Dr. Ron Shope on the journey

Dr. Ron Shope of Grace University shares about the sudden loss of his wife, Gerri, and the journey through pain and grief and finding hope in the promises of God.

John Walsh on Bible storytelling

John Walsh demonstrates the strategy of oral Bible storytelling as a teaching tool, then uses a simple exercise to show how it can be effective for passing on stories from one person to the next.

Grace LIFE Podcast – Junior Class

Junior Class – Pat Willard, Brian, Christa James, Katie Wilken, Claire Dupre talk about their time here at Grace and then Katie Wilken shares her vision for the senior class as the 2015-2016 senior class president.

Ministry at Maranatha Bible Camp

Representatives from Maranatha Bible Camp use illusions and stories of changed lives to illustrate the importance of camp ministries and invite participation in that ministry.