“Authentic” People Might be Self-Deceived!

12873468_s” . . . the elevation of ‘authenticity’ as a virtue carries with it a promotion for self-deception among the vices. So, to the degree that we value authenticity, we will be averse to the suggestion that we are self-deceived. Believing myself to be authentic–to be true to myself and to others–will be a source of significant satisfaction and felt-well being for me. But, as it turns out, being genuinely honest with oneself is often hard work. And it is at this point that life cuts us a deal. If we can convince ourselves that we’re authentic people–that we are not self-deceived–we can have all the benefit of theft over honest toil. We can experience the satisfaction associated with saying ‘Whatever else is true of me, I am honest with myself and others. I know myself. I’m real’ . . .  a major strategy for the self-deceiver is simple subject avoidance. We simply resist attentive focus on the painful topic and are thereby enabled to persist in our belief. So we [choose to] resist the topic of self-deception.”

Gregg A. Ten Elshof, I Told Me So, 12-13.

Photo Courtesy of ©Elnur Amikishiyev/123RF

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