Milestones on the Path of Spiritual Transformation

Jared T. Burkholder suggests that there are least twelve milestones that are progressively passed as the believer walks the road of spiritual transformation . . .

  • Christ enters and changes the believer at the moment of conversion.
  • A sense of accountability to the one, true Creator God grows.
  • Love for God increases.
  • Unconditional love for people develops.
  • The scope and frequency of one’s faith and trust expands.
  • Wise, obedient choices are made.
  • Victories over trials and temptations are won.
  • Spiritual strength (“muscle”) increasingly develops.
  • Abundant (restful, joyful, peaceful) living is enjoyed.
  • The image of Christ is reflected.
  • The gospel is adorned and the world made more beautiful.
  • God is glorified and made known to the nations.

Photo Courtesy of Erik Henne

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