Narcissism in a Nutshell

Put in simple terms, narcissism is sinful self-centeredness. Here are some distinguishing traits.

* Excessive entitlement demands
* Insensitivity to the feelings of others
* Reduced capacity to give love
* A reduced sensitivity to morals
* Lessened capacity for objective thought

“All narcissists are, to a degree, learning disabled; they blur objective reality with a network of prejudices which keep unwanted aspects of reality at bay and, because of this adaptation, they are never able to see the entire picture or have all of the available data at their fingertips. By the nature of their mental operations their decision-making is incapable of a balanced view. Hence, their thought process is disabled.”

John J. Mitchell, The Natural Limitations of Youth: The Predispostions that Shape the Adolescent Character, 179-81.

artwork “narcissus” by caravaggio (1571-1610)

photo courtesy of picasa/allen cunnigham photos

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