Many Christians Are “Binitarians”

” . . . even though . . . Christianity has maintained (strongly so) its trinitarian way of speaking about, and even sometimes of thinking about, God, in everyday life believers are practicing binitarians, in almost all areas of Christian life, except in the creeds themselves. Thus in their practical life in the world, there is very little self-conscious awareness of one’s life being filled with, or led by, the Holy Spirit. And the same generally seems to hold true in church worship and theological life, although in both cases there is a generally consistent doffing the hat toward the Spirit, as it were; but at the base there seems to be a general unease about Spirit talk. And it is precisely this tendency toward wariness regarding the Spirit that has allowed the biblical language to gravitate toward (I would say, degenerate into) a usage that is totally without biblical foundations.”

Gordon D. Fee, “On Getting the Spirit Back into Spirituality,” inĀ Life in the Spirit: Spiritual Formation in Theological Perspective, ed. Jeffrey Greenman and George Kalantzis (InterVarsity, 2010), 37-38.

photo courtesy of grace communion international

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