The Holy Spirit is NOT an Impersonal Force!

“A problem . . . happens when the Spirit is thought of as a force and not a person. [This] gives the impression of God up in heaven lobbing down tokens of his blessing (“the force”) while himself remaining all distant. And if that is how it is, then I can hardly have communion with this force (or with the Father or with the Son): the Spirit must be a power I am to get hold of and use as I get on with my life. Some do magic; others have money and the latest beauty products; I use the Spirit. And if I manage to use the Spirit more than other Christians, hurrah for spiritual me. How different to know that the Spirit is as real a person as Jesus Christ, and that he comes to live in me! . . . . the Spirit’s personal presence in us means we are brought to enjoy the Spirit’s own intimate communion with the Father and the Son. . . . If God was in heaven and his Spirit a mere force, he would be more distant than the moon.

Michael Reeves, Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith, 89-90.

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