Wise Sexuality

In my earliest days as a single Christian I wished that I had read J. Budziszewski’s On the Meaning of Sex (2012). It would have steered me away from some wrong roads in my thinking. As a Christian ethicist, Budziszewski addresses human sexuality from a traditionalist’s point of view. I don’t agree on all  points with the author. That being said, he does bring some real sanity and sanctity to the discussion. The following excerpt is worth noting:

” . . . for humans, blindly following passion and desire isn’t what comes naturally. The lower animals are ruled in that manner, but our nature is higher. What most fully develops and humanizes us is desire for and ardor to submit to the rule of wisdom” (127).

While not always an easy read, this insightful book serves as an excellent moral compass for Christians seeking a well-reasoned commentary on human sexuality.

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